Mustélidée is a young jewelry designer label. Each model is imagined and hand-assembled in the parisian workshop of the designer Camille.

Mustélidée creates gold, fine and minimalist jewelry, with bohemian and mediterranean influences.

Their finesse bring a delicate touch of color – and warmth – to the one wearing them.

A COMMITTED BRAND – With Mustélidée, Camille made the choice to involve herself at her own level in an animal protection association, at a time when environment needs to be protected more than ever.

She chose the otter, an animal she loves but who’s widely endangered, almost in threat of exctinction for some species. Indeed, otter hunt for fur and fun, pollution of water and food chain, and illegal animal trade are the main causes of otter decline.

Mustélidée is committed to donating 1€ per piece of jewelry sold to the International Otter Survival Fund (IOSF) , one of the world’s leading otter charities acting for their protection and conservation. 

Besides, otters belong to the Mustelidae family, which inspired the name of the brand and its visual identity !

JEWELRY QUALITY – Mustélidée makes jewelry in small series, with materials coming from France, Europe, Turkey and United States. Jewelry are, depending on the model, 24k flash gold plated, 14k gold filled or 18k gold plated. The detail of the materials used for each model is described in each product description. Here are some precisions :

– 24k Flash gold plating (or « gold coating ») consists in a 24k gold coat (less than 3 microns), applied to the surface of the jewelry, It gives jewelry a beautiful and bright gold color, but as the gold coat is thin, it ins’t waterproof. Jewelry left in wet places can deteriorate quickly. Therefore, gold plated jewelry have to be handled with care : no water, perfumes, lotions or sweat on them, and store them in their pouch when not worn, in a dry place. For the 24k gold plating, Mustélidée works with craftsmans whose work suits the brand expectations.

– 14k gold filled is an american mechanical finishing technique where several 14k solid gold coats are applied to the surface of the jewelry. To be « gold filled », the weight of solid gold has to be at least 5% of the total weight of the jewelry. This high quality finishing technique is sustainable and waterproof. If some gold filled rings tarnish over time, you can just clean the chain with soap and water to make it bright again. Most of findings used by Mustélidée are 14k gold filled (jump rings, clasps, earring hooks…).

– 18k gold plating is a high quality waterproof finishing technique. It is the same way of processing as flash gold plating, with one difference : the solid gold coat applied to the surface of the jewelry has to be at least 3 microns, making it much more sustainable.

Besides, be careful : sometimes, the term « gold plated » is wrongly used to indicate simple gold coated / flash gold plated jewelry, which is not the same price and quality !

How to recognize these different finishing techniques ?

An authenticity stamp is mandatory on gold filled and gold plated jewelry (you can see the stamp on clasps for example). Stamps are not put on tiny findings such as jump rings or chains, because they are too small. When buying online, read carefully the descriptions and ask the seller if something is unclear.

BUYING MUSTELIDEE JEWELRY – Mustélidée’s jewelry are shipped worldwide, with a tracking number !

For France, delivery is free. For all the other countries, delivery costs 6 euros. For a small extra amount, orders can be delivered against signing.

Jewelry are carefully and quickly shipped, ready to offer in their small Mustélidée’s cotton pouch. If it is a present, you can also leave a note !

TAKING CARE OF MUSTELIDEE’S JEWELRY – Jewelry are fragile items you have to handle carefully. In order not to break them or quickly alter their gold coat, don’t wear them when washing, sleeping, sweating, cleaning… Avoid wearing them in summer when it’s really hot and you’re sweating. When they aren’t worn, store them in a dry place, in their pouch or a box. If they get dirty, you can clean them softly with a microfiber cloth. Gold filled chains can be cleaned with soap and water.

If a jewelry gets broken, contact Mustélidée with a picture of it. Mustélidée will repair it for you (consult the Terms and Conditions for more information).