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The creator behind Mustélidée

My name is Camille, I am based in Paris, and originally from southern Ardèche.
I started creating and selling jewelry in 2017.
I thoroughly enjoy crafting with my hands, especially creating intricate pieces, such as painting miniatures or crafting jewelry!
I take great pleasure in designing models to wear myself and offering them to you on my website!

Otters & the IOSF

As a passionate otter enthusiast, my visual identity subtly reflects this ;) Since the beginning, I have wanted to involve you in the protection of the 13 otter species through your orders.

For this reason, every piece of jewelry purchased generates a donation of 1€ to one of the leading international associations dedicated to the protection and conservation of various otter species: the IOSF (International Otter Survival Fund).


Jewelry creation

I craft the vast majority of jewelry on demand, aiming to personalize them to suit you perfectly and avoid unnecessary surplus production.

I also regularly offer unique models: jewelry created in a single piece, making you a unique individual with one-of-a-kind pieces!


I work with several component suppliers, mainly based in France, Europe, Turkey, or China. I only offer gold-plated jewelry for sale. All components are nickel-free.

In each product sheet, you will find details about the materials composing the jewelry. This ranges from 24k gold plating to 14k gold-filled, as well as stainless steel.

I don't use the same coatings for all jewelry models to offer you different price ranges (since I started creating jewelry in 2017, the price of components containing gold has doubled!). I try to adhere to the logic of jewelry use: a ring or a non-removable ear-cuff needs to be more robust to avoid tarnishing, while a pair of earrings will be much less exposed to external elements and can therefore be made from a slightly less precious material.

Short guide to the various gold coatings used at Mustélidée

Gold mining, the process of extracting gold, is a labor-intensive activity with harmful ecological consequences. Nowadays, many jewelry component suppliers work with recycled gold.

From the most to the least resistant, we find:

  • Gold Filled 14k is an alloy originating from the USA, containing a significant amount of 14k gold, making it highly resistant to external elements. Personally, the Gold Filled jewelry that I never take off is definitely the ones that show very little, if any, signs of tarnishing.
  • Gold Plating 3 microns: In France, gold-plating refers to a jewelry item on which a layer of gold, minimum 3 microns thick, has been applied. Gold-plating makes jewelry durable, but over years of daily wear, the coating may eventually tarnish.
  • Stainless steel: within this category, there are many differences in quality. Overall, it combines quality with a lower price compared to components containing real gold. The stainless steel chains I use are of very good quality. However, some stainless steel components may require more care than others.
  • 24k gold-plated (fine gold plating): it is THE budget-friendly coating! Indeed, the raw material (usually brass) is coated with a thin layer of gold, ranging from 0.5 to <3 microns. Depending on this value and the plating techniques used, it can result in low-quality components or very satisfactory ones! Of course, I strive to avoid suppliers whose quality is not up to par and prefer those whose components have proven themselves to me, with special care, of course, given to these jewelry pieces. Gold-plated jewelry should not come into regular contact with water; they should be stored away from damp areas, in a dry room, preferably in their original box or pouch. They should be removed in case of excessive sweating, and avoid applying cosmetic products on top (perfumes, lotions). In short, take the utmost care!

In summary, it's essential to take care of your jewelry in all cases. Some are waterproof, while others are not. Seawater or chlorine from pools remains harsh on all gold-plated jewelry that is not solid gold. The skin's pH, varying from person to person, can also affect the preservation of gold coatings. Storing them away from light and water, in the Mustélidée pouch, will guarantee a long lifespan for your jewelry! By following these few precautions, you can keep your jewelry intact for years.


If you happen to break your Mustélidée jewelry, don't hesitate to let us know; there's a good chance we can repair it (provided that the necessary components are still available)! To do so, simply return the jewelry to us for repair.

For any exchanges or returns of your order, please refer to the Refund Policy for details, and submit your request via the Contact Form or by email at