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Gold & mother-of-pearl ear cuff

Gold & mother-of-pearl ear cuff

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This original ear jewel (sold individually), entirely 14k gold filled, consists of an ear stud whose clasp includes a chain and beads.
Connected to the ear stud, a chain and an ear cuff (semi-hard wire) decorated with beads. This "fake piercing" sits delicately in the hollow of the ear.

You can first insert the ear cuff higher on the ear and bring it down, and apply a little pressure to tighten the hard wire once in place ! See the video tutorial available on this page if you need help : it is not the same ear cuff, but the principle stays the same!

Length of the chain at the clasp (which hangs behind the ear): 4 cm
The small white pearls are imitations of mother-of-pearl.


This jewel being 14k gold filled, it is waterproof (the pearly pearls are not real mother-of-pearl).  In order to keep it bright for a very long time, avoid putting it in sea water for example (salt can be abrasive) or any other abrasive materials.


The jewelry is slipped into a cotton pouch with a pompom, ready to offer. The pouch is also ideal for storing and transporting your jewelry!

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